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Confusion Over Pancheswor Project Interpretation Of Mahakali Treaty. It appears that the authorities of India as well as Nepal are confused. called the Pancheshwar Project The Mahakali Treaty revised some agreements concluded between. India and Nepal in the past. There were deep feelings of. As per the Nepalese constitution, the Mahakali Treaty had to be endorsed by the parliament. Accordingly, when it was introduced, it was.

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Confusion Over Pancheswor Project Interpretation Of Mahakali Treaty

On Tanakpurthe Treaty reaffirmed the Nepalese sovereignty over the land 2. In addition to the irrigation facilities, India also generates hydropower with an installed capacity of 41 MW from the canal head power station. It mahakzli stated in the Article 3 of the Treaty that Pancheshwor Project should be constructed without prejudice to their respective existing consumptive uses of the waters of the Mahakali River without specifying the amount of existing use.

Two power stations are projected, one on either bank, with an overall installed peaking capacity, between 5, and 6, MW at 20 per cent load factor.

Sharda River

Can We Escape The Corset? These were further elaborated in a document exchanged by the two Prime Ministers. Forest stands comprise salKhair and sissoo. Our Nature 7: They must have been fully content with the fact that after all the Indian share of regulated water in post-Pancheshwor period would far exceed the pre-Pancheshwor existing use in India.

The Pancheshwar Dam, a joint venture of India and Nepal for irrigation and hydro-electric power generation was proposed on this river, innamed as Sarayu or Kali River.


Bagmati Bisnumati Kamala Lakhandei. Himachal Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Nepal. Further, the Treaty also directs that not less than 9. Retrieved from ” https: The river is also proposed as source for one of the many projects in the Himalayan component of the Indian Rivers Inter-link project.

It has a Barrage across the Sharda River for diverting river flows into a 6. Each day the power station might be in operation only for 4 to 5 hours. Below the Nepal-Uttarakhand border the river enters Mahamali Pradesh state and flows southeast mahakalo the plains to join the Ghaghra rivera tributary of the Ganges. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat It implies that Mahakali River stored water will not be utilized for kharif crop during monsoon period. KalapaniUttarakhandIndia.

Mahakali Treaty

SSP provides protective canal irrigation for cultivable area of 2 m ha to lakhs of farmers in development blocks of 16 districts in eastern Uttar Pradesh. True Meaning of the Article 3 of mahzkali Treaty Any person familiar with large storage dam design, construction and operation can ought right say that downstream irrigation can be completely disrupted if adequate provisions treatg not made in design and construction of the project.

When the Pancheswar Project comes into being and augments the availability of water in dry season at TanakpurNepal would be provided with additional water and additional energy. The project was commissioned inand completed in with an estimated cost of Rs.

Although the Tigers at the Park are numerous, sightings are rare due to the thick forest cover of the area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Exclusion of the amount of existing use of Mahakli waters in India in the Treaty is a clear indication that Indian side then did not intend to lay claim for additional waters in compensation for existing use or else they would have definitely required inclusion of a special clause to quantify existing use following the rule of precedent already established in the Gandak Treaty. The power benefit is to be assessed on the basis of saving in mahkaali as treatg with the relevant alternatives available.


It has since served as a model scheme for irrigation engineers. The mauakali around Pancheshwar R is called Kali Kumaon.

Archived 11 January at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved 3 August The freaty attracted media attention inover the Kali river goonch attacks that cost three lives, probably by an exceptionally large catfish of the Bagarius yarrelli species.

Reregulating Reservoir The Pancheshwor Project is being planned as a short duration peaking power station. Thus the implementation trewty Pancheshwor Project would definitely prejudice the existing use if the following provisions are not made.

Retrieved 25 August Before the Mahakali was a border river with the left bank in Nepal and the right bank in India.

Here the river leaves Uttarakhand and crosses into Uttar Pradesh. The Mahakali originates in Nepal and forms the border between the two countries for a mahakalli distance. Archived from the original on 21 July From the Sarada Barrage, the Treaty gives Nepal The downstream consumptive uses must be ensured by providing outlets at different heights at relatively high cost.