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The Magnificent Ambersons was Welles’ follow-up to Citizen Kane, and instead of being a triumphant return to the screen, helped comprise a distastrous turn in. A monumentally important screenplay. Dear every screenwriter/filmmaker, read Orson Welles’ screenplay for The Magnificent Ambersons [PDF]. We also. Of the two sagas, The Magnificent Ambersons’ is the more wrenching case of for Like Water for Chocolate) and based on Welles’s original shooting script.

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Hey, what makes you and everybody so excited over this man Morgan. You know George, just being an aunt isn’t They’re all right, Isabel. Course you forget Mr.

Wellesnet: The Magnificent Ambersons

Did you read it, dear? I feel a certain responsibility myself. So at last the tribe decided that it wasn’t a good enough excuse for him that he was young and inexperienced. Ambefsons all right, mother. Yes mother, very much. Oh it never would have amounted to anything if Wilbur had lived. Turn down your pants, you would-be dude!


I’ve come to tell you that I’ve got to find something quicker. If brother Jack were here, Eugene would have his three oldest and best friends congratulating him all xmbersons once. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I should like to revert to the questions I was asking you, – if you don’t mind. Orson was standing off camera and sccript the lines to him and finally, he had to go away and do something, line up another shot or something, and he asked me to do the scene.

And as it heaved and spread, it befouled itself, and darkened it’s sky.

Also did scriot share in inventing them. There aren’t any old times. The young, handsome, but somewhat wild Eugene Morgan wants to marry Isabel Amberson, daughter of a rich upper-class family, but she instead marries dull and steady Wilbur Minafer. She went home with her father. And now, Major Amberson was engaged in the profoundest thinking of his life.

‘The Magnificent Ambersons’: The Fascinating Story of Orson Welles’ Studio-Tainted Masterpiece

Eugene Morgan’s her best beau! No sir, Miss Amberson ain’t. People aren’t going to spend their lives lying on their backs in the road letting grease drip on their faces. You know, I don’t mind your being such a lofty person at all.


There were problems with the film. Jack’s telling Isabel the whole thing. Uncle Jack said if there was any gossip it was about you! Now it came at last. Because he’s a widower. What is, mother darling? Really, it’s the life she’d like better than anything else.

He said people might be laughing about the way you ran after Morgan, but that was all! That wasn’t the name you said.

The Magnificent Ambersons (1942): Shooting script

My mother will have no interest in knowing that you came ambersonns today. Their splendour lasted throughout. You never said a word to us about Lucy’s going away.