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Lights Out by HalfFast Page Chapter 2 – The Exodus. Mark was worried about his family. As he walked to his Jeep to get the. Feb 1, Lights Out by Halffast – Free PDF Book. «on: October 10, , PM». A listener to the show named Brian sent this to me. Read about the first 50 pages. Dec 9, A great many of us in the survival/preparedness “community” have read Halffast’s Lights Out. Some, like me, consider it a catalyst; one of the.

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The long url got jacked up, it is fixed now. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Return to Book Page.

This book lughts much better than some of the professionally published works I’ve read recently. Nevermind on the books July 16, August 01, If anyone knows of any others besides Patriots, please let me know. Mike Apgar rated it it was amazing Jan 17, We must each take our own place, time and knowledge into account when using someone else’s opinion or imagination as a “guide”.


I read this book last week.

Lights Out! By David Crawford. Free Online Book

Please login or register. I’d like to sit down with it in hand the old fashioned way, but I’ll take what I can get. It’s on Patriots level A modest tribute, to be sure, but a tribute none the less. I’m also able to focus on each character better than Patriots. I can’t remember the other books name, but it is also well written.

It has ‘Alas Babylon” beat too. Here’s a link where you can order Lights Out.

Lights Out by Halffast – Free PDF Book

Survival IS a philosophy! At one point there was some discussion out there that “Lights out lithts going to go to print. Ljghts rated it really liked it Sep 10, Log in or Sign up. No one in LA is like anyone in the book. Aug 24, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kimberly Pharris rated it it was amazing Mar 19, Red Dog Survivor Posts: Their reports are pretty sober reading.


I’m buying my copy today! That, my friends, is profound. Just ordered a couple copies Witch Doctor 01Dec 9, Most are fairly short stories. Atomic, Thanks for your reply.

StarrgazerDec 14, It still took a 4″ 3-ring binder to hold it all.