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All the characters that appear in Jahanara: Princess of Princesses. Jahanara: Princess of Princesses, India, , Kathryn Lasky, Shah Jahan’s stepmother, Nur Mahal, holds two of Jahanara’s brothers. Experience the sumptuous wealth and the unforgettable drama within the Moghul Dynasty of seventeenth-century India through Newbery Honor- author Kathryn.

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Jahanara Begum

Please enter your or your parent’s email address. This is another one of the Royal Diaries books that I’m experiencing for the first time, and I can only say I wish I’d found Jahanara sooner. Got most of the books used – always high quality. It also made me want to be there. Iahanara my favorite has a lot of compassion and really feels for her subjects even more so than her father, Emperor Shah Jahan, Emperor of the world.

Jahanara will expand your mind to the unknown suspicions of a royal family.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Jahanara is a wonderful protagonist and Until I did a search for the Royal Diaries books I hadn’t had a chance to read when I was a child, I’d never heard about Jahanara. Jahanara is “Princess of Princesses” because she is the favorite daughter of her father. Despite the fact that Jahanara is essentially a prisoner throughout the novel, she lives in luxury that is almost unimaginable.

They observer purdah, which means that they do not go out in public and are not seen by men outside of the circle, and Jahanara, at fourteen, feels trapped. It was interesting to see how she viewed the world and how od had to view it.

I love Elizabeth, but ok. As such, she is a beloved and famous princess, but there are no portraits or pictures of her, for she was only ever seen by the women of her father’s harem! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Even as a child, Jahanara portrays the hardships that surround the boy including his hatred and intolerance for Hindus.


It was hard to understand the traditions and the language used. Anyway, Jahanara has the best time at the Flirting Bazaar, and manages to flirt with an Englishman from the East India Company, who speaks flawless Persian and has bright yellow hair, which she finds incredibly strange and fascinating.

This book is part of the popular “Royal Diaries” series and like other books of this series it should be popular with tween girls And their moms.

Apr 13, PurplyCookie rated it really liked it Shelves: I found myself torn in two by this idea – on the one hand, she is protected from the political marriages and intrigues that, say, poor Katherine of Spain or Marie Antoinette were forced to endure, but on the other pdincesses, how lonely would it be to never marry or have children?

Jahanara was soon secure jahanarq in her position to occasionally argue with Aurangzeb and have certain special privileges which other women did not possess.

Jahanara believes that what truly matters is the state of your heart, and all else will follow – causing her to clash with her younger brother who torments people who fail to be the same religion as he. This may be the work of the author but still, there seems to be a bit more openness and vulnerability pprincess Jahanara’s writing that the other ones seemed to lack.

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It is rife with intrigue and turmoil as her father fights for his rights to rule princese and she struggles against the confinement her Muslim religion dictates. Just another excuse for you to get your drink on.

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Mar 26, Vibina Venugopal rated it really liked it. All of those stories helped keep the story moving.

Aurangzeb, Muradand Shiastah Khan returned to Delhi to see her. This was my first introduction to the splendor that was India and I have to say it was great! Jahanara, favorite daughter of Emperor Shah Jahan and the most beloved of his four wives, writes about family jealousies, court intrigues, and war strategies, as well as the extravagant lifestyle of her royal family, who live in a setting where wall murals of flowers jahabara in gemstones glitter princesse lamplight as though in bloom.


Every day she struggles with the feeling of being trapped in the confines of the palace and having to be masked by the veils of purity when out in public or having anyone over for a feast.

The sincere voice of the princess makes history come alive a little, and may shed some light onto what life was like for royalty in India in the s.

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Like any royal family, especially one with a multitude of wives, they have their fair share of drama and struggle. When I think of my favorite female historical figures, they seem for the most part to fit into two categories: Menu Skip prrincess content Home About.

Following the diary portion of the book are further historical notes, a family tree of the Moghul Dynasty, and pictures of architecture of India, as well as some paintings of the princess and her parents. It’s inspiring to read the thoughts of a princssses raised in an Islamic harem in the s.

I’ll Meet You at the Flirting Bazaar | Forever Young Adult

My elementary school ago daughter loves these books. There was too much time that would pass between diary entries and even they weren’t always clear about a linear progression or when events would happen. See all 63 reviews. The Moghul Dynasty Family Tree. I loved princsses series when I was younger, and so for my re-read project I could have chosen one of those four women I have read about extensively, but instead chose to start with a woman I knew little to nothing about: