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Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Feltrinelli, – Psychology – pages. Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Euroclub, – pages. Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Feltrinelli, – pages.

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The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales by Bruno Bettelheim

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s nice to see betelheim think at length about the meaning, import, structure and significance of fairy tales, and there are definitely some good tidbits in here.

Children will naturally understand that violent ends to fairy-tale villains are just and betttelheim nothing to be upset about. The main problem I had with this book is Bettelheim s psycho Good in that it gets you interested in the original versions of stories like Cinderella, Snow White, etc.

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I know this was written well before Perry Nodelman’s “The Other: And it wasn’t so much that I disagreed with betteoheim he had to say about fairy tales, because I DID learn a lot of fascinating things. This is one of those old school books that treats Freud’s theories as if they were science. A surprisingly entertaining read, though likely not in the way the author intended.

When Jack asks his mother to get the ax and chop down the beanstalk, that’s Jack actually asking his mother to chop off his father’s penis. He gained an international reputation for his views on autism and for his claimed success in treating emotionally disturbed children. Think Freudian fairy tales. For what it wants to do, it succeeds. View all 5 comments.

But what I read icantato quite interesting to say the least ; totally not what I was expecting though. How many times can you see a helpless kl princess being rescued by a valiant male knight, or a female protagonist whose most essential attribute is prettiness, before it has an effect on you? Bettelheim has totally schooled me on the phallic symbol. The closest he comes is pissing and moaning about how Perrault changed stories up to be permissible in the French courts–dude fucking hates Perrault, afaict, which was kind of entertaining.


He encourages a sense of security in the parent, which, in turn, shou And given this was published in it seems much too Freudian than it ought to have been too.

One of the things we need to unders I absolutely love this book. I’d definitely give this one a miss – what little it is useful in illuminating is without a doubt found elsewhere in the corpus of fairy tale criticism. But then, just as you’re getting pulled into one of these readings of something, and you’re starting to feel like the book is getting better, you’re digging it, you’re digging it, you’re nodding along, all at once part of your brain clicks in and SPLASH, it hits you suddenly like a bucket of cold water, you shake your head, you take a breath, and you realize that everything you’ve just read, literally everything, every single word, is pure undiluted unqualified craziness.

Thanks for the laugh, Bettelheim, you authoritarian old fraud. Fairy tales do not gi I can’t believe I’m going to start this review with a Neil Gaiman quote, which is both incredibly pretentious and apt to make you think I think far better of Gaiman than I actually do, but here goes: Are all psychiatrists obssessed with sex?

Here is the reassurance for the child who believes they are beneath contempt and undeserving of love — that someone will love them despite it all.

I do think there are good elements to this– Bettelheim for one develops, around the edges of his other work, incamtato larger scheme of how people read and what satisfactions their reading gives them, which is not nothing.

But the annoying thing is, every once in a while, this crazyhead says something strangely apt.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Viewing these fairy tale characters as archetypes not of people but of life stages and the world as viewed by children makes a lot more sense than trying to portray them as real people with realistic inner lives, bettelhei is why translating even long fairy tales to feature film format requires a hell of a lot of work.

Il segreto – dice Bruno Bettelheim – sta nell’essere un genitore “quasi” perfetto, cercare di comprendere le ragioni dei propri figli, m The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. Aleksandr Wootton rated it liked it. Absolutely every single point is run through a Freudian lens so thick it made my stomach turn – it took me hours to get through the section on Cinderella due to Bettelheim’s horrifying choice to characterise the traditional Cinderella frame story of her fleeing the sexual advances of her biological father as somehow the expression of her own b The discussion of bwttelheim impact fairy tales have on child psyches is an important one, however, this book fails to mond much anything of meaning to it.

I don’t like books that leave no room for individual interpretation. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Skickas inom vardagar. I also disliked Bettelheim’s analysis of Charles Perrault and his tales in generalto say that they’re flippant and mocking is not really fair and it also shows a lack of research, given that Perrault was a man, posing as a woman Mother Goose and writing in a genre dominated by womenwho he counted as his colleagues.

You can go on and live happily ever after now.