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Ebook Download Iiyama Axut Lcd Monitor Service Manual Download page 1 user manual user manual english thank you very much for choosing the. [READ] Iiyama Axut Manual Pdf Free Ebooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Iiyama. Axut. Download AOC TOP-VICTORY C IIYAMA AXUT SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Product returned under DOA must be in orginal packaging and contain all accessories. Please connect the monitor with the DP cable provided with your screen and change the DP version to 1. Your monitor is not optimally set yet, you can do the auto setup of the monitor. IPX4 means that the monitor is protected to water splashes against the enclosure from any direction.

Essentially it equates to the angle at which a screen can be views from before the image becomes unviewable. IP65 means the monitor is completely dust tight and will resist water jets. A “major failure” is defined as any condition which contributes to the product’s inability to produce a display on the CRT when the monitor is interfaced to a compatible graphic controller. Throughout the world, the universal word for dazzling clarity, blazing color and precision perfomance is iiyama, the makers of award winning CRT and LCD technologies.

Unplug the power cord from the monitor when cleaning, for your own safety. NEVER open the monitor cabinet.

Drivers, user manuals and data sheets For drivers, user manuals and specifications relating to current products, please visit the individual model within the product section of the iiyama website. Leave itfor a while, until the problem disappears.

In these cases an additional adapter will be required. Display monitors contain harmful substances. The cause of this phenomenon is due to the filters of the LCD screen, light shines straight off the screen, therefore the image degrades as your viewing angle becomes critical. Despite our efforts to perfect production of LCD monitors, no manufacturer shall guarantee that all ax317ut its LCD panels will be free from pixel defects.


For discontinued products, please enter the model number into the iiyama service tool on the left.

Iiyama AXUT Manuals

Yes, it is possible to connect two Multi Touch displays to one PC. Standard LiMited Warranty U. Reducing the environmental impact of our products starts with the product design phase. Iiyama will however exchange or repair a LCD monitor if there are lot more pixels than acceptable.

We recommend that you use the standard functionality of the graphics card driver. An LCD monitor is made up of millions of pixels picture elements. Do not open the monitor housing under any circumstances. In some areas the color is even greater than that of a CRT, in others its less bluebut that is not crucial for a print.

There are two different connections. Make sure that the graphics card supports the native resolution of the monitor. Recycling iiyama’s approach to recycling encompassing a product’s entire lifecycle and includes extensive take-back programs that enable consumers and businesses to dispose of used monitors in an environmentally friendly manner. All products described as DOA will be checked upon receipt.

Once you look at the display at a critical angle, the brightness and contrast will decrease. The view angle of a monitor is determined by the type of LCD Technology used.

Here you will find a summary of the more commonly asked questions in the monitor world. Check your manual for details. By switching on the overdrive OD prevents this. There are three technologies used in the production of LCD Screens, these are: In practice, a defective pixel is barely visible to the naked eye. The monitor is detected by the computer as a TV.

Iiyama AX3817UT Manuals

Below is a guide for recent, ATI based videocards. Sound is also transmitted through the HDMI cable, but please check with computer and laptop manufacturers to ensure that the HDMI ports used can carry sound.

Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious ,anual resources and the continued health of our planet and all species.


This is especially useful when viewing moving images and playing games. Almost all iiyama monitors reset to factory settings reset. If a black vertical line appears on the screen, apply a light shock to the side of the monitor with your hand.

Download your drivers Driver files for all iiyama products, both new and old are contained within the one file. Please call us for a Return Authorization Number.

Consistent quality, innovation and value are just a few reasons why our full line of monitors and projectors for home use to high-end graphics, gaming and engeneering has made iiyama products international best-sellers. This is a smart way to stretch for example the image from x to x However, if you are considering a project that may involve a quantity of iiyama screens, we would be happy to lend you a selection of screens for testing.

With a DVI connection the picture quality is always perfect. Recycle or Disposal Information If you have any questions about recycle or disposal of your monitor, please call Customer Service Design dictates the quantity of raw materials, type and recylability of materials, energy consumption required for manufacturing and use, and the ease of recycling. The driver contains the color profile of your monitor, it can be installed on Windows operating systems, which can increase colour performance if used.

Display a full white picture and inspect the problem area. Which is why iiyama are the preffered choice for most professional gamers. A only Please complete the warranty registration card enclosed with the monitor or fill out and submit the form below. Warranty repair product may be returned in any suitable packaging. Alternatively you can email us directly.