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is a place to share and follow research. Alaa Youssef to English for You. SpSonSsoSredS. · December 15, ·. Any Person have EFU Ebook?? 1 Comment · Share. English (US); Español. NAU’s Cline Library is an essential part of NAU life on the Flagstaff Mountain Campus. Students, faculty, and staff all use the library to achieve their career goals.

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Your card number is on the back of your library card Still need help? Use your SharkLink ID and password to log in. By accessing our electronic resources, you agree to abide by the library’s Use of Licensed Electronic Resources Policy. Enter your last name and your Alvin Sherman Library card number to log in. Check the Caps Lock key Enter all 14 digits with no spaces Note: Systematic downloading of electronic journal articles, ebooks, or other database content violates library contracts and copyright law.

IEEE Xplore is a powerful resource that enables discovery and access to scientific and technical content published by the IEEE and its publishing partners. The quiz is also designed to inspire innovation and encourage Pakistani users to discover new research and cutting edge ideas via the www.


Welcome to Our DL Website!

IEEE Quiz for Engineering and Technology Pakistan 2013-14

Use your last name and University-issued “N number” to log in. Authentication is required to: If you are in the library, elsewhere on campus, or off campus. You can Ask a Librarian here Or report the problem here when the library is closed. The respondents with the highest quiz scores will be entered into a drawing to win one of several prizes.


IEEE Xplore provides online access to millions of full-text documents from some of the world’s most highly cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics. Each wins an iPad Mini. The e-books support programme will allow researchers to access ebokk of the important text and reference books electronically in a variety of subject areas.

If you have trouble logging in: Around 75, number of electronic content has been made available through the Digital Library Programme. You ebookk register here. See if you can access the SharkLink portal Look up your SharkLink ID Check the Caps Lock key – the password is case sensitive If you can get into the portal but not into library resources, you may need to reset your password.


You will receive a response within 1 business day. You should be able to access both the SharkLink portal and the library’s resources after you reset your password.

– Share research

Quiz for Science Direct! Violators risk having library access suspended and causing access to the product for all NSU users to be blocked.

The main aim of the quiz to encourage students and faculty to use authenticated resources rather than the Google searches although the Google searches also take them to the data items for which they are subscribing.

Disclaimer Access to electronic resources varies depending on whether: