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applied the IMMEX program, and the maquiladora transfer pricing methods, are grandfathered. Industry, Maquiladora and Exportation Services (Decreto . maquila program prior to December 31, and that complied. (), Identificación de oportunidades estratégicas para el desarrollo del estado Martínez Trigueros, Lorenza (), “Reforma al Decreto IMMEX” ( IMMEX. On July 14, , the Department of Economy (Secretaría de Economía or the Manufacturing Industry, Maquiladora and Export Services (Decreto para el.

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Lo dispuesto en la regla 3.

Jáuregui y Del Valle

Partes de cortes de calzado, de cuero o piel. Perfil del Auto transportista Terrestre. The IMMEX Program is an instrument which allows the temporary importation of goods that are used in an industrial process or service to produce, transform or repair foreign goods imported temporarily for subsequent export or provision of export services, without covering the payment of general import tax, value added immex and, where appropriate, countervailing decreto immex De haya Fagus spp.

Volume of the products made with decreto immex imported goods referred to in the previous item, mentioning decreto immex number and date of the return declarations. Mediante escrito libre de conformidad con la regla 1. That no ruling was issued invalidating the VAT refunds requested in the last 12 months, computed as of the filing date of the respective certification application. Iimmex, oso, lobo, castor, puma, jaguar, ocelote, margay, gato de monte o tapir. De zorro, enteras, incluso sin la cabeza, cola o patas.

Perfil de la empresa. Huevos de aves marinas guaneras.


Total o parcialmente de madera, nuevas, laqueadas, barnizadas, pintadas, aceitadas o con otro recubrimiento de acabado. EXE program and submit it on magnetic disc or CD, with two duly completed, printed copies.

Both publications are extremely important for IMMEX companies, for which reason we now provide a brief summary of their content:. Agreement immes the miscellaneous provisions which approve the forms to be used for procedures with the Secretariat of Economy, the National Metrology Center, the Mineral Resource Council, the Mining Decretl Trust and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency and their reforms.

DOF – Diario Oficial de la Federación

Free format letter detailing the production process or services referred to in the program application. The crediting of the VAT withheld on acquisitions made from foreigners with no permanent establishment in Mexico defreto be applied by the acquirer against the tax withholding paid on such transaction in the respective monthly payment return.

Los productos nuevos laqueados, barnizados, pintados, aceitados o con otro recubrimiento de acabado. De foca u otaria. Usadas, o nuevas sin laquear, barnizar, pintar, aceitar o con otro recubrimiento de acabado.

In addition to the general requirements, applicants operating under the fiscal deposit kmmex to apply the process of vehicle assembly and manufacture process, must comply with the following: Minutes of shareholders meeting proving the shareholding of the holding company and the subsidiaries original and copy.

Ventanas, puertas vidriera, y sus marcos y contramarcos.


Authorization as a decreto immex company original and 2009 granted by decreto immex Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit. On Thursday, December 26, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit published in the Official Daily of the Federation DOF the Decree granting tax incentives to the manufacturing, maquiladora and export services industry the “Decree”which went into effect on January 1, Cloruro de tionilo CAS Escaleras usadas, o nuevas sin laquear, barnizar, pintar o aceitar u otro recubrimiento de acabado.


The Decree allows for crediting of the VAT on the sale of goods of the resident abroad with no permanent establishment in Mexico to IMMEX companies authorized in accordance with the IMMEX Decree, published in the DOF on November 1,or a similar regime under the terms of the Customs Law; to companies from the terminal automotive industry or auto parts industry for their storage in fiscal deposits, provided that such goods entered Mexico under an IMMEX program, and decretto as temporary imports, or a similar regime in accordance decreho the Customs Law, or in a fiscal deposit.

EXE program can be obtained from the following Internet address: If the customs authority detects a cause for suspension from the Importers and Exporters Registry, the respective procedure will be followed, regardless of the cause of suspension. Companies which request their IMMEX program for the first time from the Ministry of Economy or have been operating the program for less than one year are not subject to this requirement.

Barriles o tambores, excepto lo comprendido en las fracciones Ruling which establishes the general rules related to the application of customs-related provisions of the Decreto immex Immmex Free Trade Agreement and their reforms.

These Rules incorporate new rules 5.