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TransAtlantic: A Novel [Colum McCann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • LONGLISTED FOR THE. TransAtlantic is a novel by Colum McCann, published in June Based upon the book, Colum wrote the lyrics for Clannad’s song “TransAtlantic”, released. In TransAtlantic, National Book Award-winning Colum McCann has achieved an outstanding act of literary bravura. Intricately crafted, poetic and deeply affecting.

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The first transatlantic flight, for instance.

His name was Billy. The Irish saw him as a hero to aspire to, a freed slave who pulled himself up by his bootstraps and garnered respect from peoples high and low by transxtlantic power of his words.

The practice runs at night. With a jagged right margin, much of the book could have been published as poetry. With the Mitchell section, we spin far forward, but the burden of his task is to somehow put closure on the smoldering conflict over the fate of Northern Ireland with a history extending far back in time.


The kid from Belfast with the kid from Detroit. McCann had me with his opening lines, his descriptive almost poetic, lyrical writing when Allcock and Brown are in the aeroplane had me holding my breath. I hope that I am learning all the time. Three narratives regarding three different men that didn’t seem to connect. How do these small threads eventually create a tapestry? I didn’t want that story to end, though it led to the second part of this book which was, in a way, even better than the first.

Most likely a combination of both. The overlapping currents of history are fascinating, but so is McCann’s attempt to get in Douglass’s mind, what would a former and legally current slave, treated as a gentleman by his wealthy and well-meaning Anglo-Irish hosts make of a land where the native poor live in conditions even worse than those Douglass knows from his own past?

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There were so many sides to every horizon. She could be forgiven the thought that she was already stepping back towards the sea. His name was Pete. No one book is for every person, and every book is going to annoy the heck out of someone while it delights another.

Frederick Douglass, a black American slave, lands in Ireland to champion ideas of democracy and freedom, only to find a famine unfurling at his feet. There is clearly an enormous amount of what one would call research that goes into this book.

Book One is not chronological: It was a difficult experience but profoundly touching. McCann gives a brief, elegant and admiring account of Mitchell’s attempts to “turn the long blue iceberg” of Irish history. We know he was an American hero, but you’ll learn about his passions, what made him tick. These two chapters had me convinced that I was reading one of the best books of the year.

The smell of his tweeds. I understand that McCann isn’t that interested in plot but I wanted more to co,um this togethe Honestly, I struggled a little to finish this. As the Alcock-Brown trip in this open-cockpit plane begins, the reader becomes totally involved in the excitement and danger.

He also has the ability to tell a whole story in a few sentences. I listened to the audiobook narration by Geraldine Hughes. But rather than spend more time describing the book and the writing, I’d rather include some samples of it to let the author do my talking for me. How do you make the decision to end where you end, and begin where you begin? There is less than a week left to support our matching grant fund drive!


Mmccann seemed to validate so much of what I had been saying about literature for years: The fact that McCann can voice both male and female characters seamlessly speaks to how brilliant of a writer he is.

A flock of starlings harried the air. But, wait, I need to go back to the image in the prologue –to a house, and a woman listening to the sounds that define the house’s character.

TransAtlantic by Colum McCann – Reading Guide – : Books

All are men, all move back and forth across the Atlantic, from England to Ireland or from the United States to Ireland. Dusty and livid in the corner.

Most of the time you end up capsizing or catching the wrong current or, even worse, ship-wrecking. They each learn that even the most unassuming moments of grace have a way of rippling through time, space, and memory.

I read an ARC, alternating with listening to the audio. A Novella and Three Stories. And uniquely in my experience, the last chapter of the book is set within a few miles of my birthplace, with one section of it two blocks away from my parents’ house in Bangor, Co. Every single sentence has a purpose. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.