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See some of the most unbelievable pages from the Cold War-era CIA torture manual known as the KUBARK handbook. Essential Guide to Interrogation and Torture: CIA KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, Art and. In , the CIA distributed a novella-length manual on torture. A supplement to the KUBARK manual, the Human Resource Exploitation.

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Although denunciations by genuine refugees and other evidence of information obtained from documents, local officials, and like sources may result in exposure, the detection of provocation frequently depends upon skilled interrogation.

But sound interrogation nevertheless rests upon a knowledge of the subject matter and on certain broad principles, chiefly psychological, which are not hard to understand.

For instance, it is more effective for a subject to hear a taped confession of an accomplice than to merely be told manula the ‘questioner’ that he has confessed. Because interviewing, debriefing, and eliciting are simpler methods of obtaining information from cooperative subjects, interrogation is usually reserved for sources who are suspect, resistant, or both.

As interrogation sources, optimistic characters respond best to cia-kubark-totture kindly, parental approach. Such a person has usually had a great deal of over-indulgence in early life. He sometimes gratifies his feeling of secret superiority cia-kugark-torture provoking unjust treatment. Installations that are targets can provide information of cia-kbark-torture value. There has been a good deal of discussion of interrogation experts vs. Subject should be required to comply immediately and precisely with all instructions.

And a principal source of aid today is scientific findings. The Structure of the Interrogation 1.

CIA Torture Manual: See Inside The Declassified KUBARK Handbook

The Haunted Mixtape of the Vietnam War. For more information go to: Are the insurgents carrying out psychological operations? Examples of the civilian security measures are:. We welcome debate and dissent, but personal — ad hominem — attacks on manuxl, other users or any individualabuse and defamatory language will not be tolerated.


Police patrols can be compared to reconnaissance patrols.

Is there a torture manual?

Teams or hostile organizations whose objective is to create dissension or cause restlessness among the civilian population cia-kubark-tofture the area of operations. Representative Joseph Kennedy D-MA then asked the administration to declassify the manuals in their cia-kubaark-torture. Has a quit-claim been obtained? Examples from in El Salvador have been inserted into “Counterintelligence,” but in some manuals there are references that do not seem to have been updated since the s.

The description of the holding facilities in several of the manuals makes it clear that these are clandestine jails.

It will probably prove rewarding if the room and the interrogator look cia-kubxrk-torture neat. It is of little use to establish a program of passes and ID cards unless there is a system of verifying these official papers. A-2 But the entire chapter on coercive techniques is still provided with some items crossed out.

During Phase Manhal subversionintellectual and emotional persuasion is the principal arm of the insurrection. What disposition of the subject is to be made after ‘questioning’ ends? Full particulars are needed.

Control – The capacity to cause or change certain types of human behavior by implying or using physical or psychological means to induce compliance. In the middle of the s, Guatemala was governed by a communist government. Hostile para-military guerilla team leaders, known or suspects. Establishing rapport is extremely important when dealing with this type. As is true of all craftsmen, some interrogators are more able than others; and some of their superiority may be innate.

There is nothing mysterious about interrogation.

The CIA’s Torture Manual In Its Entirety, Part I | Stuff You Should Know

Should be able to withstand an attack. The Boston Globe ]. Several of the manuals purport to teach militaries and intelligence services about how insurgencies develop and how to control them. In fact, it is recommended throughout that detainees be kept in isolation and not be allowed to contact anyone. The CI agent should consider all organizations as possible guerilla sympathizers. Restrictive measures include curfews, travel passes, rationing, and restricted areas.


The Baltimore Sun reported that former Battalion member Jose Barrera said he was taught interrogation methods by U. At best it can help readers to avoid the characteristic mistakes of poor ,anual. For example, “While we do maual stress the use of coercive techniques, we do want to make you aware of them and the proper way to use them”, has been altered to, “While we deplore the use of coercive techniques, we do want to make you aware of them so that you may avoid them.

And a principal source of aid today is scientific findings. Therefore prior Headquarters approval at the KUDOVE level must be obtained for the interrogation of any source against his will and under any of the following circumstances: The legality of detaining and questioning a person, and of the methods employed, [section whited out].

In a superficial attempt to correct the worst of the manual, in a page advising against using coercive techniques was inserted and handwritten changes were introduced haphazardly into the text. Few distinctions are made between the treatment of armed guerillas and civilians.

Their purpose is to detect sources of insurgent support, sympathizers, and routes used by the insurgent forces for intelligence, logistics, and routine activities and to act to prevent these activities.

BACK in the thick of the heavy, dark days of the Vietnam War, the CIA conducted a survey of the existing literature it had on torture, all of cia-kjbark-torture studies carried out by reckless psychologists in the 50s, wisdom accrued from police beatings of suspects in interrogations, the effects of isolation, everything the most powerful clandestine service knew about torture and compiled it into what amounted to cia-kubark-otrture field manual on how to best extract information from unwilling informants.

Blindfold remains in place while showering and guard watches throughout.