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Graffiti Moon. An intense and exhilarating 24 hours in the lives of four teenagers on the verge: of adulthood, of HSC, of finding out just who they are, and who. Graffiti Moon is Cath’s fifth novel, following the three Gracie Faltrain novels and the award-winning Chasing Charlie Duskin. MORE ABOUT Cath Crowley >. This outstanding book by yet another terrific Australian young adult author is set in Melbourne, Australia, and alternates narration among.

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Lucy is in love with Shadow, a mysterious graffiti artist. Grafgiti did they do it? Forgot to mention Poet always pens a little something with each painting so they’re known as a duo: View all 6 comments. Eventhough this is a contemporary read, I wanted so bad to shelf this in ‘fantasy’ not because it’s unrealistic but because it was bursting with magic. Also, you got to love a protag that can corwley a boys moln.

D Even the girls,i liked them all. It reminds me a bit of John Green or David Levithan, and I think that it will appeal to quite a lot of people. It’s about art and beauty, it’s full of life and emotion, it will make you happy and sad, and at the end it will win your heart.

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley | : Books

Ms Crowley described it graffifi perfectly I could almost smell the paint drying but I wanted to see and experience what Lucy did. They are also completely teenagery in the very best of ways. Lucy is looking for a Graffiti artist by the name of Shadow. Graffiti Moon 16 58 Aug 30, I Want You by Savage Garden.

At the same time, she grounded in her beliefs and her art. It starts out with Lucy pedalling on her bike to see Shadow, a Graffiti artist whose works she’s obsessed with. Someone needed to put some sense into her. Lucy seems to have gotten the wrong impression of him because I think he’s actually the kind of guy you want to crolwey around.


And the point of street art, the reason for its existence, is to connect. With that mystery stripped away, Ed is difficult to like, lacking both a strong personality and emotional resonance.

Graffit finds Shadow’s work to be extremely inspiring, and she is determined to figure out his identity so that she can meet him in person. He doesn’t seem to have a lot going on at first glance but given the chance, revealed delightfully unexpected depths. I also loved the interaction between the three girls, and the boys. Somehow she says more in one sentence than most people are able to say in twenty.

Noon Lucy, who works as a glass-blower, knows that even some of the most beautiful pieces of glass have cracks running through them. The writing was so beautiful that I kept stopping to stare at the words. Unfortunately, the only guy who knows how to track him down is Ed, whose nose Lucy broke at the end of a disastrous date.

Still, I can’t hate on the US edition when one of the added lines is one I absolutely love: I may not be able to express my love for this book by painting, but Cagh can do it by shopping!

He’s a thinker, lover-of-art, full of witty and smart conversation. Ed is a lost soul who paints to find himself.

Lucy tells Ed about her admiration for Shadow, and how much she wants to find out who he is, and Ed offers to take her places where he might show up.

Graffiti Moon

They are three dimensional, eccentric, artistic, loving parents who also argue and struggle financially, and are just human. I am no good at words but I wish I could say this in a matching perfect way, as acth did in this book.

We only get to spend one night with Lucy and Ed. This site uses cookies. The banter and dialogue were particularly enchanting. Can it move me half as much as it does Lucy?



View all 17 comments. Thank you to Netgalley and Random House for allowing me to read this amazing story!

It’s not just me who is raving about this. And if you don’t trust me, trust the judging panel of this year’s Australian Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. And it is even more amazing how Cath Crowley manages to capture them all — in a way that is both funny and heartbreakingly sad, full of fear of an unknown future, bright with colours and brimming with feelings.

You know what I mean, Ed. Ed thought he was in love with Lucy, until she broke his nose. Hook, line and sinker.

The mon was cute, and funny and satisfying. So, I may be re-reading this when it comes to the U. I am a huge art lover. I wish it was something I could look at. Her characters are extremely likable and funny, and they have such great relationships.

The writing is poetic. Each are Aussie Book challenge 9 Cqth I want to run right into Shadow and let the force spill our thoughts so we can pick each other up and pass each other back like piles of shiny stones. We had 3 amazing dates and every time I wished I had more time to spend with it, I wished to stay there, holding it in my arms and reading it all my life. That sounded more romantic and less weird in my head. The mmoon is quite simple though – A girl wants to find a mysterious guy who paints graffiti across the town.