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Underground Body Opus has 39 ratings and 4 reviews. In this innovative book, Dan Duchaine, the internationally-known bodybuilding “guru” will teach you all. Handbook, Underground Body Opus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition,. Daniel “Dan” Duchaine ( – January 12, ) was an American bodybuilder , author, and. Dan Duchaine Underground Bodyopus – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

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Books by Daniel Duchaine. That is one of the things I loved about Body Opus. Thanks for telling us about the problem. As a concept, Duchaine saw his diet as a universal solution to the failure of previous energy restriction diets. While Duchaine admitted himself that the diet was difficult to follow, the controversy surrounding the actual diet should not overshadow the brilliance of the book.

Then about an hour later, go complete the depletion workout. Around 2 or 3pm, consume 50 grams of carbs.

You’ll learn what the world’s top bodybuilders to to get lean and ripped – from thermogenic aids, thyroid hormone, and anti-catabolics to protein selection and macronutrient ratios. Matthew Rolph rated it liked it Sep 21, This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat You are commenting using your WordPress.

I personally have found that the amount of carbs that Duchaine recommends is simply too high, and I begin to smooth out. Proudly powered by WordPress.

I read Body Opus from cover to cover in pretty much one sitting, and have since re-read many of the sections numerous times.


Nevertheless he was adamant that real health and optimal body composition required much more dietary fat than the levels then being recommended. We are not EliteFitness. Much like his other works, Bodyopus was a cutting edge piece of work that melded his experiences and the latest research together into a text that still holds up and offers programming that, in many ways, is superior to much of what we see today.

As you moved further into ketosis, Duchaine allowed some carbohydrates to creep into the diet but only to a maximum of 50 grams per day and usually just from leafy greens. Have you tried the BodyOpus Diet? Winter Protection Multivitamin Multimineral: Most famous for its cyclical Keto approach, the book included a beginner and intermediate diet.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. However, because of the massive impact it had on my results, I feel compelled to share it with as many people as possible. He was sincere about bodybuilding and he knew an awful lot. That is to say, Duchaine wanted dieters to roughly know how many calories were needed each day to maintain their current level of bodyweight. Another problem with these diets is that you can only drop your calories for so long before it doesn’t work any more.

How To Use The Body Opus Diet!

In Robert Voythe chief medical officer of the United States Olympic Committee called it “a fabulous pharmacological text. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So, Duchaine wanted to attack these two problematic areas.


These are not in any particular order of who I ate them each day. Body Opus was the first real diet for people that weren’t overweight. He was driven to find out the answers to the questions duchaone nobody else could bodyous. This is the day your body goes into Ketosis.

Body Opus: The Results | discountsportnutritiondenton

Immediately following this workout consume whey protein and carbs every two hours until bedtime. It is no surprise them that Duchaine attempted to push the boundaries of convention with his Body Opus work.

He died January 12, due to kidney failure caused by hereditary polycystic kidney disease. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Email required Address never made public. Then, daj may decide to eat more calories for a few days or go off the diet completely, and what happens is you become fatter than when you started.

I simply feel better, look better, seeing more muscle definition in the mirror, etc.

Every avid reader will now and again come across a book that they simply cannot put down.