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To acquire all required knowledge to be successful with this product, BMC recommends a specific list of Learning Path for BladeLogic Server Automation 8.x. Based on a unique architecture that integrates configuration automation and compliance assurance, BMC BladeLogic Server Automation enables IT. We review BMC BladeLogic Server Automation, a server configuration tool that also offers patch management for Microsoft, Linux, and other OSes.

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The BMC solution addresses three main functional areas: BladeLogic Server Automation manages even the biggest change and configuration tasks simply and easily. Bladelogic database create lots of lock which always causing Outage.

State of Michigan 10 million citizens benefit from more secure digital government services Read the story.

BMC Bladelogic is an excellent server automation tool with great ease. Very powerful software packaging engine. This tool has the potential to capture any market it enters. Tool do not provide “maintance mode” or “trial mode” for assessing impact of changes being enforced by Admin. I am a real user, and this review is based on serfer own experience and opinions. Vendor has not completed this information. We have had a few issues – but BMC Support quickly responds and resolves the issues! Drive greater consistency, security and reliability through policy-based application of operational, security, and regulatory guidelines.

BMC has add-on SaaS services that enable vulnerability management and remediation. Role-based autmation access gives you a high level of granularity to control access for end users. BMC BNA can provision almost all type of devices and it provides very flexible device onboarding feature by adding new customized command XML for that devices. The compliance engine is what really makes this product shine.


Provisioning is complex and need more improvement. I have never seen such issues with any other Configuration manager so frequently.

TrueSight Server Automation

Move from reactive, manual handling of requests to a fully automated system Automaation consistent task and automation workflow results Automate data collection for audit compliance Align with best practices Free up IT resources.

Further features include the ability to stage and test patches before committing them. It does take quite a blacelogic of work up front to get the various serger working like we want, so you can’t install it and expect to be automating everything the next day, but if you take the time to implement it properly and plan out your automation strategically you have a really powerful tool at your disposal. Its many software offerings include Digital Enterprise Management solutions intended to make digital business fast, seamless, and optimized from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.

Its has a limitation on a number of devices which can be onboard per application installation. This is done by importing vulnerability management scan data from vendors like Qualys, Tenable and Rapid 7, and mapping the vulnerabilities back to sercer patches in BladeLogic, which can be used to remediate.

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BMC BladeLogic Server Automation: Patch Management Overview and Analysis

NSH below is the best feature of whole product to automate things. BladeLogic operates on-premises, but they also have it managing cloud instances for example, EC2 patch management. There are some good YouTube videos as well as formal education offerings to aid in this area. Typical industries are finance, healthcare, government, retailers, and service providers.


Bladelogic Server Automation is one of the finest product in the current market, which has many functionalities and it has done wonders at customer environment bladekogic ever it has been implemented based on requirements of the customer.

It also provides the automaton to choose the best mechanism for delivering setver OS — from traditional unattended installs, to image-based provisioning, to template-based provisioning on virtualization platforms. See our complete list of top patch management solutions.

A Mmatch made in IT Heaven. Once completed, all agents will need to be upgraded as well.

Saves time and as time is money We also use BSA for software distribution, audits, server provisioning, and so much qutomation because what’s not out of the box it extendible by various methods. Virtualization support Few Cons 1.

BladeLogic Server Automation Training

Container Security Product Overview and Analysis. Reduce the attack surface quickly by managing change, configuration, and patching activities to close vulnerabilities. BSA is a powerful, feature rich application that touches the heart of server management, breathes life into automated management, and provides the backbone for badelogic compliance automatiin remediation. No more manual copies, multiple user account access issues, network bandwidth constraints can be managed etc.

Easy to use and easily scalable, also provide very good support for onboarding new devices on platform. Great product with the community to back it! Is Patching Dead or Alive?