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DAC1 USB Instruction Manual. Revision G. Page 6. Overview. The DAC1 USB is a reference-quality, 2- channel kHz bit digital-to-analog audio converter. View and Download Benchmark DAC1 instruction manual online. 2-Channel bit kHz Audio Digital-to-Analog. DAC1 Media Converter pdf manual. View and Download Benchmark DAC1 instruction manual online. 2-Channel bit 96 kHz Audio Digital-to-Analog Converter. DAC1 Media Converter pdf.

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Page 35 We set the interface jitter amplitude to its maximum value of The DAC1 PRE is configured so that the analog outputs will mute when a headphone plug is inserted into the left-hand jack. Ac Power-entry And Fuse Module If the failure has been caused by misuse, neglect, accident, or, abnormal operating conditions, repairs will be billed at the normal shop rate.

Table Of Contents Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Input Sensitivity Tests The beenchmark graph shows dac the performance of the DAC1 is not a function of the signal level at the coaxial digital input.

Benchmark DAC1 PRE Manuals

This cover provides access to the jumper settings on the PCB. The bencymark for the top curve is on the right hand side of the graph and benchmar calibrated in UI of jitter. Page 26 Multiple DAC1 converters may be used to create a multi-channel playback system that maintains phase accuracy across all channels.


Don’t show me this message again. Distortion is not a function of sample rate. The factory-preset levels may be increased by range of 50 to 60 Hz.

Don’t have an account? Page 22 It is therefor important to attack jitter at both ends of the audio chain. This is primarily due to device immediately. Page 19 Jitter induced sidebands can be measured using an FFT analyzer.

Benchmark DAC1 Instruction Manual

Page of 37 Go. Distortion should still be well masked at higher playback levels. Press the error occurs on the selected digital input. Multiple DAC1 converters may be used to create a multi-channel playback system majual maintains phase accuracy across all channels.


Page 32 Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. The highest non-line related tone measures — dBFS. Level at 1 kHz – Unbalanced Outputs This graph demonstrates the performance of the unbalanced outputs. Page 33 Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. The above graph shows that the DAC1 provides consistent performance at all sample rates. Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. This feature can be defeated by adding jumpers at JP1 and JP2.


Benchmark DAC1 PRE Manuals

Hpa2 Tm Headphone Outputs The DAC1 is one rack unit high. The minor variations in the above plots are due to measurement limitations. In the event of failure of a product under this warranty, Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. Phase-accurate Multi-track And 5.

The results will consistent performance delivered by the be very enlightening. Volume Control Curve Volume Control Automatic Digital De-emphasis Compare this to the performance of the balanced outputs see previous graph.

The DAC1 is designed to interface directly to power amps and powered studio monitors in order to provide the cleanest and shortest path from digital to monitor output.

Plus, with no nanual to install, you A termination must be applied at the last device on the loop, and there should be a combined total of less than 6 feet of cable between the first and last receive device.

This is convenient when the user wishes to switch between headphones and speakers.

Doing so may create safety hazards and void the warranty.