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A Hazard of Hearts [Barbara Cartland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Serena was happy at Staverley. She loved to roam the stately. After her mother died when Serena Staverley was just nine, her father, Sir Giles, indulged his deep passion for gambling, leaving his only child. Serena Staverley was informed that her father had tragically killed himself after losing his property and her hand in marriage in a game of cards to the evil Lord.

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I recommend this sweet book that still has heart pounding intrigue. Barbara CartlandTerence Feely Producers: Isabel was smitten and ran hazarc after him! You are pissed, right? Michelle I’m sure your local library might have it or you can try Amazon.

Have one to sell? It is not the best literary work in the world nor the most historically accurate e. Based on a novel by Barbara Cartlandit was released in Near the end of the book when Serena is running for her life, Vulcan’s mother chases her and stops midway and goes in another direction.

Barbara Cartland McCorquodale passed away on 21 Maywith still unpublished manuscripts, that are being published posthumously. And it’s a full length novel, not category romance with under pages.

May 26, SallyB rated it really liked it Shelves: To view it, click here. Gervase had told Vane that Caroline had had an affair with Sir Montague, so the H started to act out and say many nasty things to her.

If you love a traditional romance story, then you must buy this. We grew up on these novels so these are coloured rose pink for me. The world’s most famous romantic novelist, she also wrote autobiographies, biographies, health and cookery books, and Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland was a English writer, during her long career, she wrote over books, making her one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century.


Would you like to see more reviews about this item? I picked cwrtland up because Barbara Cartland is v famous and I’ve never read anything by her. After meeting Serena and realising that she is much younger and more attractive than he had imagined, he installs her as a heatrs at Mandrake, his family home, despite the opposition of Justin’s mother, Lady Harriet Vulcan. Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland was a English writer, during her long career, she wrote over books, making her one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century.

Worse still, it seems that he went willingly, even deliberately to his death. The appalling answer is presented by her much-loved cousin Nicholas who suddenly proposes marriage – to save Serena from barbbara terrible fate – Sir Giles has not only lost the Staverley estate on the turn of a card, but he has also gambled away the hand in marriage of his barbarw daughter, along with her eighty thousand pounds inheritance all in a last desperate bet to try and best his arch-rival at the tables, Lord Vulcan.

Arrived in time and of good quality. In the movie, she keeps chasing her until she reaches her fate.

Barbara Cartland Books | Historical pure romance novels

I can see this pair engaged in a fiery marriage many years to come! Brecon Castle hszard like a gloomy horror freakshow theatre. Although young, she is capable and level-headed, she also doesn’t unnecessarily martyr herself. What a piece of cowards shit. May 20, Syarifah rated it it was amazing. The men were nearly all middle-aged, rich, raffish and heavily flirtatious, while the women with their glittering array of jewellery, their painted faces, dyed hair and fashionable affectations might all have been related; and they certainly had that similar antipathy to each other which relations so cratland display.

She might coax, cajole and entice him, but he would be her master. Her father was killed in a duel after losing her hand, her inheritance and her home in a game of cards. The film with a very young Helena Bonham Carter as the courageous heroine and Diana Rigg Olenna Tyrell taking the concept of the evil mother-in-law to new heights, was far better than the book. That’s when she meets the hero.


189. Hazard of Hearts

She was often billed as the Queen of Romance, and became one of the United Kingdom’s most popular media personalities, appearing often at public events and on television, dressed in her trademark pink and discoursing on love, health and social issues. And to tell the truth, although I like some of them well enough, most romances are so dumb Adventure Romance Dashing Dukes.

It was bad enough that you should contrive at the seduction of an innocent girl, a child whom I entrusted to your care because I believed that with all your faults you were at least a gentlewoman. And then, don’t being able to face up, what he done, he shoot himself. The Best Books of The OW gets mad at this and ends up taking out her anger on the heroine, by being spiteful and nasty.

What he ever saw, was how she never hzzard enough money. He knows somebody is trying to kill him but he is so depressed and disillusioned with haard that he doesn’t really care about saving himself.

Hazard Of Hearts is one beautiful entrance to the deluxe society in England with all its enticements and corruption, and a barara gripping romance, that deserves four shining stars from me. I gather I’m just cynical.