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Solved: Hello, I have a number of S switches and I would like to upgrade them Does Aruba require a service contract in order to download the latest versions? . GVRP Configuration issue on Aruba SP switch. Buy SP ARUBA – S MOBILITY ACCESS SWITCH SWITCH – 24 PORTS – L3 – MANAGED – STACKABLE. NEW FACTORY SEALED. with Free. Aruba SP-US P, 24x 10// Base-T PoE -SEE.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The only thing i noticed was that Arhba don’t seem to get full 10Gb speeds between ports, but that’s sort of to be expected when you’re ab using uplink ports as regular ports.

Contribute to the wiki! I got one of these for a similar price on eBay to upgrade my lab to 10Gbe! Please see the full rules page for details on the rules, but the jist of it is:.

As long as static routing for both v4 and v6 are available at a default license level, I’ll be fine, as nice as it would be to have OSPF. The MAS line will still get updates for bugs and security issues however for the foreseeable future.

Aruba S2500-24p 24 Port Ethernet 10/100/1000 4 X 10g Poe Mobility Access Switch

Custom shell scripts in AirWave. NP dude, happy to help! I can ask to see if its in the w2500-24p as well. Stack member is dormant. Even though the switch says they’re not certified, they’re on the compatibility list provided by Aruba.


Environmental Parameters Humidity Range Storage. Which holiday deals day is your favorite? Copper Pigtail Wave Length: Please examine the release notes. Turn an old monitor into a wall display with a Raspberry Pi Turn an old monitor into a wall display with a Aaruba Pi by Taylor Martin.

That’s exactly what I want to know. Sat Oct 26 Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 10, Act like your business depends on them by David Gewirtz.

Aruba S Mobility Access Switches – why are these so cheap? : homelab

The Aruba S’s are a great switch. Doesn’t need a controller, though a controller Aruba s does add extra functionalities such as ClearPass, user roles, and “wired AP” guest functionality.

Aruba Deployment with Firewalls. Want to add to the discussion?

Low noise in operation; like most such it’s loud at startup and probably loud in a hot environment, but wruba room s250-24p it’s fine. Stay ahead of the game with Aruba technology and product knowledge Explore Now. I got the 3m length and customized it to be “Aruba compatible”. Components by Joshua Goldman Nov 26, You wouldn’t happen to have a link to the exact DAC you purchased do you? Command of the Day. Alert a Moderator Message 3 of 5.

Solved: S firmware upgrade available? – Airheads Community

Aruba S Mobility Access Switch. I won’t be using nearly that many ports, and PoE models for whatever reason tend to use more power than non-PoE versions of switches in general, so I’d be expecting probably around 80w for my usage. So far I have done little more than power it on and upgrade the firmware.


I can’t find where to grab these.


Last-minute Christmas deal fest: Submit a fantastic post! It’s selling for that because it’s a used switch.

USB-C ushers in a golden age of charging accessories Who knew power dongles could be so interesting? Report any posts that you feel should be brought to our attention. Maybe as low as 60 or as high as Cyber Monday deals on storage: S firmware upgrade available?

Privacy policy Terms of service Site Map Legal. I’d be interested to know if you can do L3 routing without any added licensing is yours completely unlicensed, are there perpetual licenses, licenses left on from previous owner, etc.

Where do I find instructions on how to install it? The only issue I have run in to, and the reason it is currently powered off on my bench, is that it is incompatible with all of the DAC cables I have on hand. You can tie it in with a wireless controller and ClearPass as well. Doesn’t need any licenses to do L3, all features are enabled out of the box.

Might be able to find things useful for a lab. Why would I be looking for new gear or for gear on Amazon?