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The list of Aricent placement papers and interview questions with answers for your next interview and aptitude written test. Enhance your skill and understanding of attempting Aricent Technical Placement Papers and mock tests and secure better career and job opportunities. Attempt. Download the Aricent Placement Papers PDF and prepare for making Revise questions and answers along with solutions to further improve.

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Cannot be Determined Answer: He lost more than Rs Answer: Budding singers, classical musicians, instrumentalists, amateur singers all get together and share music. Now according to 4th condition, Erica must fit into 2nd combination.

Club Zone groups include: X is an odd integer B. Candidate-Experiences Contributed By Vipul.

Aricent Placement Papers

The game ended normally. We will miss the bus. Let the weights of Deepak and Poonam be d and p respectively. To provide employees an opportunity to bond, unwind, express and exchange views beyond work, they conduct various employee-centric events throughout the year.

They believe in the “have fun while you work” ideology. From both statements individually.


placemment Hence, c supports the aricemt. From this statement, we know that the value of X is odd. Should there be a compulsory military training for each college student in India?

A government run by a dictator A. B Apart from writing …. Here it is a condition where it is essential to walk faster if they have to catch the bus and not a choice. Aricent has been ranked as 17th in Top 20 IT services exports firms in India in terms of total revenue in 24th annual survey conducted by Dataquest, CyberMedia group journal in July The outer diameter of the tank is 10 meters.

Hence, a does not support the opinion.

The chances of occurrences of mistakes increases if an employee is subjected to the same work for more than six months. Mercury is the only metal in the group.

General – other Contributed By Sruthi. Erica is neither Clark nor Flure.

Aricent Placement Papers | Interview Questions | | prepnode

These constitute two-thirds of the total matches. So, B is the cause and A is eith effect. Pipe B takes hours to fill the cistern. Enhance your position in Aricent Aptitude Test by practicing the free sample questions and Model Papers focused on Aptitude.


March February The inner diameter of the tank is at least 8 meters. Aricent employee leads by example, personify Aricent values, and are role models for the next generation of professionals.

What was his net profit or loss? If two words can be formed, mark the answer as W.

Aricent Placement Papers – Aricent Interview Questions and Answers updated on Dec 2018

Miller and Mandy uses apples and cherries. The trains took 9 seconds to cross each other. The Romans expected, to have conquered Carthage. Interview-other Contributed By Bhargavi.

I is strong on the basis of constitutional provisions. Cherries, Grapes, Bananas Answer: Now it is also clear that D is either 6 or 9 but D cannot be 6, because in that case L is equal to 0, which is not possible.

We wiht two cases: