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Apache Solr Enterprise Search Server, Third Edition is a comprehensive resource to . Apache Solr Cookbook will make your everyday work easier by using. Apache Solr Cookbook. by Rafał Kuć. Publisher: Packt Publishing. Release Date: July ISBN: View table of contents. Start reading. Indexing PDF files The library on the corner that we used to go to wants to expand its collection and make it available for the wider public through the World .

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You will learn about functionalities that most newbies are unaware of, such as sorting results by a function value, highlighting matched words, and computing statistics to make your work with Solr easy and stress free. Finally, they will explore real-life situations, where Solr can be used to simplify daily collection handling.

Table of Contents Chapter 1: Thoroughly updated and improved, this Cookbook also covers the oslr in Apache Solr 4 including the awesome capabilities of SolrCloud. Affecting scoring with function How to do it Querying for a particular value using dismax query parser Querying for multiple values in the same field Sorting results by a field value Paache to do it Take solg skills to the next level with advanced tutorials that will give you confidence to master the tool’s most powerful features.

Solr generates JavaDocs for all included code in each release. Improving Solr performance after commit operations Setting up a sharded deployment How to do it Than Solr came and this was it.

The practical recipes will help you to quickly solve common problems with data analysis, show you how to use faceting to collect data and to speed up the performance of Solr. The book guides you through examples illustrating each of these topics, cookook well as the foundations upon which they are built.

Apache Solr 3.1 Cookbook by Rafał Kuć

Puppet Types and Providers. Suggestions from a static dictionary Rebuilding the suggestion word base after commit Removing uncommon words from suggestions See apaache Handling multiple languages in a single index How to do it The book provides the apxche knowledge and tools to implement custom search solutions with Apache Solr, covering the following topics: Getting the number of documents with the same date range. Book Description Over highly effective recipes to turbo-charge the user interface of any web-enabled Internet application and web page Improve the way in which you work with Apache Solr to make your search engine quicker and more effective Deal with performance, setup, and configuration problems in no time Discover little-known Solr functionalities and create your own modules to customize Solr to your company’s need Part of Packt’s Cookbook series; each chapter covers a different aspect of working with Solr In Detail Apache Solr is a fast, scalable, modern, open source, and easy-to-use search engine.


Boosting phrases cookbokk standard query cookboo, Positioning some documents over others on a query How to do it Oracle GoldenGate 11g Handbook.

Click soolr to read more about the Apache Solr Search Patterns. Dealing with Problems Introduction How to deal with a corrupted index How to do it Specifying the fields for highlighting Changing the default HTML tags that surround the matched word How to highlight long text fields and get good performance How to do it How to have two different facet limits for two different fields in the same query.

Start Apache Solr after download and execute your first search. Nginx 1 Web Server Implementation Cookbook. Mastering Windows PowerShell Scripting. At present, Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch, and information retrieval are his main areas of interest.

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Apache Solr 4 Cookbook. You’ve successfully reported this review. Essential System Administration Pocket Reference. Choosing a different query parser How to do it It also comes with complete running examples to demonstrate its use and show how to integrate Solr with other languages and frameworks — even Hadoop. xpache

Indexing PDF files – Apache Solr Cookbook [Book]

Additional documentation can be found on the Solr Community Wiki or apavhe various books published about Solr. Using “group by” like functionalities in Solr.

Puppet 4 Essentials – Second Edition. Copying the contents of dynamic fields to one field Limiting the number of characters copied Changing words to other words How to do it From speed, to faceting, to multilingual support, everything depends on correct indexing. Alternative English stemmer Stemming other languages Preparing text to do efficient trailing wildcard search How to do it With numerous practical chapters centered on important Solr techniques and methods Solr Cookbook – Third Edition will guide intermediate Solr Developers who are willing to learn and implement Pro-level practices, techniques, and solutions.


Finally, we’ll cover various deployment considerations to include indexing strategies and performance-oriented configuration that will enable you to scale Solr to meet the needs of a high-volume site. Improving faceting performance Getting ready How to do it See also How to deal with out of memory problems How to do it If you have a Solr book that you would like to see listed here, please submit a patch to this website via a JIRA issue. When he came back to Lucene in latehe revised his thoughts about the framework and saw the potential in search technologies.

Apache Solr – Resources

Home eBooks Nonfiction Apache Solr 3. Knowledge of Apache Lucene would be a bonus but is not required. How to show facets with counts greater than zero Lexicographical sorting of the cooknook results Getting the number of documents with the same date range How to do it Excluding documents with QueryElevationComponent Positioning documents with words closer to each other first How to do it See also Making multilingual data searchable with multicore deployment How to do it Dealing with queries taking too much time Caching whole result pages Getting ready How to do it It will show you how to get the most out of your search engine.

Computing statistics for the search results How to do it