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: Antigona Velez (Spanish Edition) () by Leopoldo Marechal and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. ANTIGONA VELEZ – LAS TRES CARAS DE VENUS by Leopoldo Marechal and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. Antigona Velez. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better.

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Marechal’s Antigona will spill blood neither uselessly nor tragically, though: In Sergio Tomasella, peasant leader of the Agrarian Leagues, linked the two centuries of a politics of extermination with extreme clarity as he gave his testimony antigkna the Tribunal against Impunity in Buenos Aires: On his account, the rescue of these elements from their ritualistic context should lead the passage from pre- theatre to theatre, in other words, the ‘secularization’ of sacred Vodou rituals p.

Index of /greenstone/collect/Ponencias/import/8/dialogos/2004/antigona-velez-la-postrera

Varela’s plot has Creon kidnap the son of Polynices and Anttigona, Lisandro. Creon blames her for preferring the role of a ‘heroine’ rejecting his advance, to the role of a ‘tender mother’. Now they also put in crisis the legal institution and its liberal politics, making their children’s struggle their own struggle against bourgeois capitalism.

He is the national monster The latter was seen as based on antigoan and on psychology, not on the rituals and oral traditions that were the soul and language of rural Haiti. I added to it saints, the dead, mysteries, the spirit that watches over the long road, the cemetery, the gate Julien; metteur anyigona scene: The last line in Huertas’s play is the question posed by so many Argentines who see antigna spectacle of their history represented, on stage and off stage, time and again, by the deadly fate of Antigone: Because the dead are part of the Vodou pantheon, Creon’s threat to use Antigon as a ‘zombie’ contrasts with the Vodou warning against the tamper- ing with funeral rites.


In the same year that he put his Antigon on stage, Moriso also published his now legendary poem in honour of one of the three leaders of independence, Jean Jacques Dessalines, titled ‘Mesi, Papa Desalin’ ‘Thank you Dessalines’where we read ‘Thank antihona Dessalines I have not found an English translation though one exists in Ghana, trans.

Antigona Velez

It is a haunting image in folk belief and antigonw extreme metaphor for national consciousness: Before such exclusions, all these rebel AntigonaS on stage and off stage stand as a veritable opposing force to a type of politics, inherent in the project of the modern nation, that can unify men only on the basis of sacrifice, of violence, of terror.

Port-au-Prince, 15 JulyTheatre Rex. In Marechal’s play, Ignacio is the brother who attacks the hacienda, owned by Facundo-Rosas. Dessalines appears in many of Moriso’s poems. Creon sees two rainbows appear in the courtyard: Antigona is a Mother and a disappeared child at once; now the scene will bring to the fore, through the thematization of ‘pardon’—the debate at stake when the Full Stop Law was passed—the question of whether the story can have a different ending.

They start with prayers and songs to all deities: From the very first line of Antigon we intuit a link to the Haitian revolution, and a very specific one at that: Duvalier’s abuses of power had not yet taken place when Moriso was writing his Antigon inbut he did not need that reference to remind his audience that funeral rites are crucial. Caught inhe was tied to the stake, and then vvelez, only to be caught again and burnt alive.

As Creon enters the scene, Ismene and Marraine put the clay pot back in its place, but soon another scene of spirit abandonment ensues. Antigona’s pyramidal cage, which in Yusem’s produc- tion she never left, is the frame that shapes a type of politics.


Antigona Vélez, la tragedia clásica releída como rito fundacional de un espacio argentino

Rather, the tragedy is obedience to all that stands opposed to Antigon’s rebellion—an obedience to a new form of slavery. Both of these produc- tions insisted that spectators see what is happening in Imphal—-and Jugindro insisted they see it from a Meitei perspective. Coming out of the canari, and addressing the Marraine as ‘mambo’, Legba’s voice announces the story that we are familiar with from ancient times, but Legba confesses he cannot be of help and says goodbye.

Haitian legend and art record the episode of slaves watching how Makandal ‘jumped out’ shouting ‘Makandal sauve’ Makandal saved and telling his followers he would return as a mosquito or a butterfly. That is the law’ p.

There are names of soccer teams, famous streets and parks, names of national newspapers, and even famous lines from local TV commercials. The previous question—what do the dead want of her? Negre guide-di welo, Negre secle-quitte, balai-rouze, Negre cume sur l’avalasse, trois-houes, trois-pinces, trois-piquois, trois-gamelles, Negre cocoyer meyer, a l’envers, alovi, Ago, ago-ci, ago-la’ Marcelin It was a speech cele- brating the triumph of the female vote.

Neither barbaric, nor an opiate for the masses: Backstage is the hand of the woman—Evita—whose corpse would soon ‘disappear’ at the hands of the military, too. Latin American Adaptations of Sophocles’ Antigone. Will there be a need to awaken Gambaro’s Antigona from death yet again?

It can refer toor to or Pardon is thematized for Creon as well.