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Trailhead, the fun way to learn Salesforce. Learn CRM Fundamentals for Salesforce Classic. salesforce logo. © Copyright , inc. Learn CRM Fundamentals for Salesforce Classic. Understand Salesforce and learn how to navigate, customize, and manage basic CRM features. 8 hrs 15 mins. ADM SAP AS ABAP – Administration SAPTEC Technology Fundamentals for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business 5 – User Administration Fundamentals.

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Take a look at my Certification tag cloud entry: April 23, at 1: I am planning to do Salesforce Certification.

Salesforce Admin | Salesforce | Salesforce Training

August 17, at 5: You should post your question on LinkedIn or one of the discussion boards on the Salesforce. Other groups that benefit from the Administrator Workshop include power users, sales operations, marketing users and IT. And I see that the classes are very expensive. March 29, at 5: Sign up for a Developer Edition account if you do not have access to an org.

It typically contains 15 questions covering the new features with a time limit of 30 minutes. Since my iPhone was always with me, I could also randomly quiz myself anytime.


August 10, at 9: The exam definitely gets into the details. I think everything you need to know about the system is in the Online Help.

So far it has taken me about eight hours to review all the materials and self-create some examples in my developer account for each Maintenance Exam. Ram, see this listing for all my certification blogs: I guesstimated that I needed to get at least five of my uncertain answers correct.

Certification Review Video from Dreamforce Salesforce Power Users Group is a good group. Implementation Administration Cloud Computing. I can only tell you how I did it years ago.

Certification Exam Notes

Hi, I want to prepare myself for the Salesforce Administrator Certification. The questions were not as obscure as some bloggers suggested.

Thank you so much. August 22, at 8: It has mock exam and tutorials. And what is the further use of it. February 21, at 7: In this comprehensive, hands-on, four-day training program, you gain that power by learning and practicing how to set up, configure and maintain your Salesforce applications Enterprise or Unlimited Edition for optimal results. June 1, at My fundametals step was to spend about 14 hours reviewing all the material again, including the Study Salesforcd.


Hi, i want to know how to clear my certification admin July 12, at September 5, at 4: I have many confusions regarding salesforce certification. Completion of all the following online course is mandatory.


While I could rely on memorization for most of the questions, there were several where I had to connect the dots to figure out the answer. This might seem to worsen the odds of picking the right answers, but if I knew one answer for sure, then the odds actually got better.

It also allows trying out scenarios without disrupting the production instance.

July 30, at 9: The difficulty would be getting the actual hands-on experience. It also had additional information that was not in the training materials although obscured by repeated material as well.

How can i prepare myself. Rohit, please see my latest blog entry: Your email address will not be published.

Salesforce provides several video presentations and Release Notes for preparation. I have been a SF user and want to become an admin, with no prior technical background. I have experience in Software testing for four years.